Management Team


Service, excellence and accountability

The members of our management team hail from a wide variety of backgrounds and are known for their extensive governance and management expertise. They draw on their real estate market knowledge, their vision and their respective skill sets to guide Cominar wisely, decisively and strategically, with a view to optimizing our growth, sustainable development and bottom line.

  1. Mario D. Morroni

    Mario D. Morroni

    President and Chief Executive Officer

  2. Marie-Andrée Boutin

    Marie-Andrée Boutin

    Chief Development and Real Estate Operations Officer

  3. Claude Lavigne

    Claude Lavigne

    Chief Operating Officer

  4. Sandra Lécuyer

    Sandra Lécuyer

    Chief Culture and Brand Officer

  5. Adam Medeiros

    Adam Medeiros

    Chief Investment Officer

  6. Sébastien Dubois

    Sébastien Dubois

    Vice President, Leasing

  7. Julie Lafrenière

    Julie Lafrenière

    Vice President, Development

  8. Marie-Josée Lapierre

    Marie-Josée Lapierre

    Vice President, Legal Affairs and Corporate Secretary

  9. Carl Pepin, CPA

    Carl Pepin, CPA

    Vice President, Finance and Accounting

  10. Serge Rossignol

    Serge Rossignol

    Vice President, Operations

Cominar is committed to increasing the number of women working at the company and having a greater gender balance. We see this is a business issue as well as a matter of respect and equity, as it has been shown that having a better balance improves customer experience and helps increase corporate profitability.