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Work takes a major place in our lives. It's our time, it's a salary, but it's also an integral part of our identity. A part of us that we would like to be proud of. We need to feel good about it, to feel appreciated, and to feel that our job is consistent with our values.

Between work, family and free time, everyone is looking for balance, flexibility, and a lifestyle that promotes health. For this reason, we are looking for an employer who knows that there is also life outside of work - and that they complement each other. At Cominar, we understand all this.


There are few things as satisfying, on a daily basis, as going to work with a smile on your face because you know you'll meet people that you appreciate. Working in a collaborative environment where trust prevails, where we feel free to express our ideas and where respect for others is paramount is not only essential - it is what nurtures and values us as individuals. Regardless of the type of job, we want those who work with us to enjoy a healthy climate that values differences, friendly relationships, and a team spirit that makes the most of everyone's intelligence, and where we celebrate precious moments that are consistent with our values.


It's easy to say that we give everyone a chance to climb the corporate ladder. So we go further by creating workplaces that also foster individual growth through shared experience, mutual trust, self-reliance, and skill development. Not all our employees are the same. Therefore, we strive to recognize the strengths of each individual for the group's benefit. Some want to shine, to rise to their ambitions. Others want to leverage their position to tackle challenges that make them happy and proud. Going beyond, improving, helping others or discovering talents, whatever your goals are, we are here to help you achieve them.

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