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Cominar Welcomes the REM at Gare Centrale and Mail Champlain

The arrival of the REM propels us all into a new era of transportation, and Cominar is proud to be part of it. The inaugural REM route, officially in operation today, connects two strategically located Cominar properties: Gare Centrale and Mail Champlain.

For Cominar, this arrival signals an even brighter future for its assets and community. Perfectly supporting its strategy of diversifying usage, the arrival of the REM will have positive impacts on its retailers, collaborators, and business partners.  

"We are delighted to support the development strategy of the greater Montreal region" explains Marie-Andrée Boutin, Chief Development and Real Estate Operations Officer. "Especially considering the forecasts that the two stations serving our properties will be among the busiest in the network."    

By encouraging active transportation, the arrival of the REM at the heart of Cominar's properties brings the organization closer to people like never before and prepares it even more for tomorrow.

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