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110 Works of Art On Display at DUO Centre Laval

From August 15 to October 29, 2023, DUO Centre Laval's community can explore Centrale des artistes' new exhibition: Trajectoires. Bringing together 110 artworks created by over 15 artists, the production takes over different spaces throughout the center and takes the form of a journey to be undertaken. Visitors can enjoy the show on a self-guided tour (with content available via QR codes and NFC) or a guided tour (reservation required).

 A Fertile Theme 

Under the theme of "life journeys", Trajectoires explores notions such as relocation, migration and marginalization. "The theme is inspiring for me," explains Christian Wirth, Trajectoires project manager, "because it's a universal human experience, and it allows us to confront our own lives." 

Atypical Use for DUO Centre Laval

Investing a third place enables La Centrale des artistes to bring art closer to the people. Showing art in a non-traditional venue reaches out to a new community. As Karine Rodrigue, Marketing Director at Cominar, explains, "the theme 'life's journey' takes on even more meaning when juxtaposed with the daily lives of the public who frequent the center."

Made possible by the collaboration of several partners (Ministère de la Culture et des Communications, Ville de Laval, and the DUO Centre Laval team), this Centrale des artistes production promises to surprise many.

The opening event is on August 24, at 6 p.m., at DUO Centre Laval. Access to the exhibition is free and subject to the center's opening hours.

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