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Titre: Mostra Centropolis: Ready to Lease

Today marks the opening of the Mostra Centropolis rental office. Built in the heart of Centropolis, one of our Laval properties, our development project will soon welcome its first residents to a vibrant and lively neighbourhood.

“This is a great milestone for Cominar!” exclaims Marie-Andrée Boutin, Chief Development and Operations Officer. “We’re very proud of all the hard work put in by our teams and employees.” Created through our collaboration with Cogir and DIVCO, Mostra Centropolis exemplifies how the success of a well-thought-out partnership can become a reality.

A Diverse, Comprehensive Offer at Centropolis 

The addition of a residential building now completes Centropolis’ unique offering. It joins the restaurants, entertainment facilities, retail stores and offices already in place. New tenants will be able to live, work and play at Centropolis, while taking advantage of our destination’s festive and distinctive programming.

This complementary arrangement has been designed to facilitate the daily lives of users and tenants, while creating sustainable value for our portfolio and making a positive impact in the communities where we do business.

Attractive, enjoyable rental condos    

This new location will appeal to a diverse demographic that will further enrich our great community. Mostra Centropolis offers an upscale living space that combines the best of urban comfort with soothing design, in both its units and its shared areas.

Delivery of the 193 first units is scheduled for summer 2024.

As never before, Cominar is putting people first and future forward.

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