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Bright Moments: A New Light and Sound Experience at Centropolis

Centropolis is renewing its winter experience and transforming its Place Centrale into a majestic animated digital campfire. Every winter evening, the local community can gather and enjoy a few Bright Moments. 

Featuring some sixty LED light installations, the experience designed by CR34TE offers a truly unique spectacle. The light projected to the rhythm of a captivating soundtrack recreates the movement of fire, a symbol of joy, warmth, and human connection. 

"We wanted to surprise our community while highlighting our destination and our shops," explains Karine Rodrigue, Marketing Director, Laval and North Shore region, Cominar. "The experience was designed to bring people together and invite them to stop and take a moment for themselves." 

Rekindling the Sense of Belonging 

The collaboration with La Centrale des artistes, co-producers of the project, brought this new memorable entertainment offering to life. Along with the Centropolis team, a call for projects was launched across the creative community of the area, leading to the encounter with CR34TE. 

The proposal from the Laval-based company was to "bring the fire back to the heart of Centropolis to create a friendly and festive space where stories are woven and joys multiply." Giving fire a place at the heart of the city to reignite the community's sense of belonging was a natural choice. "We fell in love with the proposal," concludes Valérie Meilleur, marketing coordinator, Centropolis, Cominar. "It perfectly encapsulates our intention and strengthens our positioning." 

Bright Moments is at Centropolis until March 24th. 


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