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Together, for an Inspiring Future Like Never Before

Together, for an Inspiring Future Like Never Before 

Year after year, Cominar invites its employees, retailers, partners, and customers to help build an inspiring future. The combined efforts of various teams this year have allowed us to support Opération Enfant Soleil with a contribution of $35,000. 

"Supporting access to quality pediatric care, for us, means healthy communities where everyone we interact with daily can live well," explains Karine Rodrigue, Marketing Director. "We've been involved for over 5 years because ensuring a healthy future for children is essential for us. It's a matter of consistency and authenticity." 

Awareness and collaboration for a good cause take place throughout the year. Our teams implement various initiatives in our centres and encourage the participation of our retailers. They also create lasting connections with local partners like Alvéole, with whom donations are raised through the sale of honey harvest products (candles, soaps, jars of honey). 

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