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Centropolis: The Go-To Summer Destination

The pedestrian promenade is open, the restaurant patios are set up, and the schedule is packed. Everything's ready for the Centropolis community to have a memorable summer. 

 “This year, we decided to roll out a super colorful program, just like last year," says Karine Rodrigue, marketing director. "People are rediscovering Laval and Centropolis, so it's even more important for us to keep offering and creating attractive experiences for locals and visitors." 

The summer lineup has all kinds of dynamic activities like outdoor workouts, dance shows, and lively evenings hosted by Randolph. Residents, families, and professionals can hang out all summer and enjoy a vibrant atmosphere. 

Not only does the summer programming at Centropolis create a great sense of community, but it also benefits merchants. With the excitement comes increased traffic, which means more visibility and good business. 

Entrevue Karine Rodrigue

Summer at Centropolis - a Quick Rundown 

Summer Rhythms of the World – in collaboration with the Centrale des Artistes 

Every Friday this summer, the pedestrian promenade turns into an open-air concert venue. Get ready for a cultural mashup with a mix of sounds and a dance floor! 

Festival Mosaïque 

The Festival Mosaïque brings communities together to celebrate the richness of cultural diversity through the arts. Part of the 2024 edition's programming will take place in the heart of Centropolis from August 15 to 18. 

Bfly Adventure 

Returning for a 4th year, the Bfly domes are set up for the summer. Laval families can experience a memorable moment in a magical universe, surrounded by hundreds of free-flying butterflies. 

Cycologie Pop-ups 

The Cycologie pop-ups will be there once a week starting July 17 to offer truly satisfying spinning sessions! Nothing’s better to get endorphins flowing! 


For all the details, follow the Centropolis Facebook and Instagram pages. 


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